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Lutron founder Joel Spira invented the solid state light dimmer so it’s no surprise that Lutron is our preferred supplier here at Synergy Multimedia and Motion Shading for home automation products, whether it be controlling the light that comes from internal sources such as light bulbs or external sources such as the sun.  We are one of the Southeast’s largest and most experienced Lutron dealers and we are fully certified for Homeworks, RadioRa2, the new Caseta system, the entire line of shading products and we are even Georgia’s exclusive supplier of the Coulisse European designer fabric collection.

System Overview – Lutron Caseta

Caseta is Lutron’s newest automation system and is aimed squarely at smaller lighting control and hvac deployments (those of 50 devices or less and 30′ radius from the controller).  With Caseta, we are able to offer a quality, dependable lighting system for less than half of in the past, yet will full control over dimmers, switched loads, lamps, window shades and thermostats.  Imagine all of this, fully programmable by the end user on your choice of iOS or Android devices.  Don’t even think about those cheap systems sold by the big box stores – they don’t hold a candle to the reliability or the proven dimming capability of difficult loads such as CFL’s or LED’s.  With our significant experience, we can help you design a Caseta system for your small residence that will make you feel like you are living in a fully automated mansion!

System Overview – Lutron RadioRa2

RadioRa2 is a proven whole-home lighting, shading and thermostat control system for mid to larger homes.  There are many advantages of this system over the entry level Caseta system, but the main ones have to do with capacity and choice.  RadioRa2 is expandable for up to 200 devices and the wireless signals can be repeated for reaching all the devices within larger residences.  Plus, not only can you control dimmers, switches, lamps, shades and thermostats as with Caseta, but you can also add fan speed controls, occupancy/vacancy sensors, hidden 6-zone dimming panels, higher capacity dimmers, specialty switches, engraved and backlit custom programmed keypads, and much more.  Moreover, the programming is far more sophisticated and allows for whole home scenes, security modes, control via 3rd party automation systems like our own Crestron systems.  Lastly, and for some most importantly, we offer devices in over 20 designer friendly colors including metals and glass!

System Overview – Lutron Homeworks QS

Homeworks QS is the premium lighting control system from Lutron and is without peer in the industry.  The major advantage of HWQS is the ability to centralize your lighting controls for the most customized, beautiful look completely integrated into your décor.  Have you ever wondered how you could get rid of those ugly 5-gang banks of switches?  HWQS is the answer.  With dimming panels centrally located in utility closets, we can control your lights with single-gang, custom engraved keypads available in 20+ different colors and you’ll never have to wonder what the 4th switch over does again.  System capacity is no match for even the largest residence and the programming is over the top as to how we can control your lights, adding variables and conditional logic to the mix, which allows features such as turning on your master bathroom lights to different levels upon the sensing of motion depending if it is daytime, before bedtime or after bedtime (you wouldn’t want your bathroom lights automatically turning on to 100% at 3am would you?).  Simply put, if you have a very large residence or you would like all of your devices hidden in a closet or you desire maximum control over your system, HWQS is the perfect system for you.



The driving force behind Synergy Automated Living is Crestron, the leader in home automation systems, founded in 1968.  Without question, Crestron is at the forefront of the technology that allows us to provide Luxury Home Automation.  By any measure, whether it’s a long track record, breadth and depth of product offerings, service and support, Crestron is arguably the best solution in the marketplace for our clients.  Like a finely-tuned racecar with a manual transmission, Crestron systems rely upon the talent of the programmer.  At Synergy Multimedia, we do everything in-house.  Our owner Steve Schnugg is a Crestron Certified Master Programmer and has been since 2003.  That means no 3rd party programmers and when we design a system, we KNOW it will work.

There are a lot of other systems out there from Control4, Savant, Elan and others, but the common thread in all of them is they are easy to program for the vast majority of dealers out there.  What that means in a practical sense is that for a less capable company, the end product can be better than Crestron in the hands of a less capable company.  However, when you are dealing with a superb programmer, the advantages of having that extra horsepower and programmability at your disposal is critical to achieving the highest performance system available.  Our systems will run circles around any of the other guys, but only because we know what we are doing better than just about any other company out there.

Mythos ST2 Closeup

Definitive Technology

Synergy Multimedia is an authorized reseller of Definitive Technology’s speaker and audio products.  Def Tech offers a wide array of products for floor-standing, on-wall, in-wall and portable installations, from the new Mythos ST-L SuperTower with built-in powered subwoofer to the Mythos XTR slim-depth speakers designed to fit perfectly with your new LED or OLED TV. Definitive Technology is one of the industry’s leading innovators in creating new form factors to make high quality sound a part of your lifestyle and décor. Here at Synergy Multimedia, we are always looking for the “next best thing” for our clients and Definitive offers leading edge products that provide terrific value with wonderful aesthetics.

Synergy Product Spotlight – SuperCube 8000

Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 subwoofer

SuperCube 8000 subwoofer

The first thing we noticed about this subwoofer upon taking it out of the box is just how HEAVY this thing is: 72 lbs to be exact.  And that’s in a tiny 16″ cube.  That’s definitely a lot of mass in a small space – testament to the fact that Definitive uses a massive high-excursion 11″ active driver and two 12″ passive low bass radiators, powered by a very efficient yet incredibly powerful 1500 watt class HD amplifier. Aside fromt he convenient size, there are several other notable features that we like about this subwoofer:  The ability to remotely control the sub volume is very nice, so that in those instances where you want to creank up the bass or turn it down if somebody is sleeping in an adjacent room, you can do that without getting up from your seat.  Furthermore, if you want to place the subwoofer in an area where you just can’t get a wire to, there’s a slot for a wireless receiver on the back of the subwoofer so you have the utmost flexibility in placement, all with no lag or compression to the audio signal. The incredible mass, leading to dynamic and powerful bass along with the placement flexibility is part and parcel why we love this subwoofer.  And we like two of them even better! Read more about the latest Def Tech products hereContact us to design a system with Definitive Technology products for your home or business today!


Revel by Harman

For our mid to high end speaker line, both traditional and architectural, we have selected Revel.  Revel is the high-end speaker arm of Harman Luxury Audio, one of several world-renowned brands including Mark Levinson, Lexicon and JBL Synthesis.  Available in price ranges from $300 per pair all the way up to $22,000 per pair, Revel offers unbeatable value at every price point.  Because of this affiliation with the Harman Luxury group, Revel benefits more than any competitor from this engineering expertise and scale and as such can provide unmatched sound quality and cabinet finish for the money.

Product Showcase: Performa3

Revel’s Performa3 line is the newest in the family and has set a new bar for value in the mid-priced audiophile quality space.  From the small but exquisite sounding M105’s to the floorstanding F208’s, the Performa3 line fills every niche, including center and rear channel options and compatibility with an entire range of architectural speakers for stereo or surround speaker systems in small rooms or large.  At our Buckhead design studio, we have the entire Performa3 line in all finishes for you to audition.  We think you’ll be astonished at the value for how these sound and look.

Project 7

Aerial Acoustics

For our high-end speaker partner we chose Aerial Acoustics, a company founded by Michael Kelly, a respected industry veteran, and maker of a wide range of outstanding quality speakers for music and cinema.  We have on display a set of Model 7T’s, one of the newest models released by Aerial.  Like all Aerial Speakers, they are outstandingly neutral, yet laid back enough to allow for long listening sessions without fatigue.  These speakers will knock your socks off with their high level of detail, their fit and finish, and even though they are not inexpensive, their value.  Designed and assembled in Massachusetts, these are all-American speakers that will have you scrambling to collect all of your favorite music to listen to what you’ve been missing.

Our favorites in the line:

Model 7T – we have a pair in gloss black on display and we love them.  These are floorstanding speakers available in several furniture-grade finishes with curved sides so they look smaller than they are.  These are in $10,ooo a pair, but the represent an incredible value as they are one of the finest loudspeakers made.

Model 6T – this is the newest speaker in the line and according to Aerial represents about 90% of the performance of its big brother the 7T at a far lower price point.  If the 7T is an incredible value, the 6T is phenomenal.

Model 5B – these are the smallest speakers in the line being bookshelf speakers, but the level of detail and energy of the base is incredible for such a small speaker.

LR5 system – The LR5’s have been on the scene for a while now, but they still represent one of the finest speaker systems for movies AND music available.  If you have the room for these, you will be absolutely astonished at the experience of watching movies and listening to music from this system.

For an Aerial experience like none other, contact us today to audition the 7T’s and find out what we are raving about.

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