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Popular automated window covering styles

Oftentimes people walk into our showroom and say “I want my windows covered, but I don’t know with what”.  That is really the driving force behind our Motion Shading showroom.  Here you can see mounted to real windows the wide variety of styles and fabrics available from our manufacturer partners.

With so many options available, the most popular automated window covering styles main depend on the type of home you live in.



Many times in places with floor to ceiling windows we will lean towards a roller shade, for a couple of reasons.  Roller shades scale more gently in price when covering very large windows, making them a favorite for people in that situation.  Another reason is to comply with their HOA’s coloring rules for the view from the outside.  Many home owner’s associations in high rises will require a shade of white  on the back of the window coverings and there are some fabrics with specific weaves that allow for white on the outside and a darker color on the inside.  Draperies can also fit these needs, especially in two story window situations.



Single family homes usually don’t have windows as large as condominiums and therefore the scaling of the different window covering options is not nearly as large of a concern.  Here roller shades are one option along with honeycombs, roman shades, Pirouette, Silhouette, and Solera shades.  There are also draperies and other vertical shading options available.



Many commercial spaces have needs for privacy, or sun protection among other things.  While many of the options would work for these uses, roller shades regularly fit right into these applications for their simplicity and clean look.


While every situation is unique, by visiting our showroom you can make your style selections by seeing actual shades and hearing them in action, not by looking at pictures in a brochure or online.  With so many fabric choices and accessories it is a good idea to have an idea of what you’re looking for before wading into all those options!

So next time you’re around Buckhead stop in for a look at our beautiful showroom!  We are  happy to answer any questions and demonstrate our systems for you!



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