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Motion Shading proudly offers roller shading systems from MechoShade Home Systems.


MechoShade Home Systems

Motion Shading offers a comprehensive suite of roller shade models, both manual and automatic, from MechoShade Home Systems. We love their UrbanShade manual models that can be upgraded to motorization later — giving you the flexibility if you’re not ready to make a commitment to automation right now. The fabric-wrapped, curved fascia on this model looks very attractive and is affordable, too! The reliable, heavy-duty hardware features stainless steel components with a matte finish, and durable mounting brackets have a steel frame for rigidity and mounting security. MechoShade also has a competitive advantage in large-scale shades, with numerous models available and a number of very wide shade cloths to choose from.

MechoShade is our only manufacturer with ZigBee control for our clients who may own automation systems that we did not install. ZigBee Remote Control provides a global standard for advanced, greener and easier-to-use RF remotes that remove line-of-sight restrictions and free consumers from pointing their remote at devices. You can find out if your existing window shading products are ZigBee certified here, or by asking the manufacturer for the certificate containing the Certification ID Number from the ZigBee Alliance. 

On a commercial and residential level, MechoShade Home Systems has maintained a commitment to protecting the environment by providing shading systems that help buildings increase their environmental, economic and energy efficiency. 

MechoShade’s technically advanced, lineally woven shadecloths feature:
• A sophisticated color palette.
• A wide range of densities, from 0 to 13% open.
• Protection for a building’s interior furnishings and occupants from harmful UV rays, heat-gain, and solar transmissions.
• Specialty fabrications for room-darkening, privacy and acoustical applications.

MechoShade’s shadecloths’ green credentials include:
• Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified—Bogota Collection
• Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM silver—EcoVeil
• Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM silver—McDonough
  Iceland Collection
• Innovation in Design LEED credits—EcoVeil

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