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As the Southeast’s #1 Lutron residential dealer over the last 10 years, nobody has more experience designing and deploying whole-home lighting control systems.  Much of our business comes from taking over existing lighting systems and simply programming them so they fit your lifestyle.  There’s no better option for getting it done right the first time.

Lighting Control

Our lighting control systems powered by Lutron transform your home, at the touch of a button.  Enhance your living space in one room or the whole house, controllable by remote, wall-mounted keypad, motion, by time of day, position of the sun, or even by your iOS or Android device.

Seamlessly integrated into our Synergy Automated Living systems, Lutron RadioRa2 is a great lighting control system for smaller residences or Lutron Homeworks QS for larger residences completely changes the way you think about lighting.

Save energy by automatically turning lights off in a room when nobody is present.  Create a safe path of light through your home in case the security alarm is tripped. Light a beautiful pathway of light from one side of the home to the other with the press of a single button.  Control your home from your car so you never arrive in the dark.  Press a goodnight button on your bedside remote to start a good night’s sleep knowing your home is safe.  Press the vacation button to start a replay of your daily routine for maximum security when you are away.

We have the experience necessary to completely transform your home with a Lutron lighting control system by working with your electrician, knowing all the latest lighting technologies and integrating it all into your Synergy Automated Living system.  We are factory certified for all sizes of Lutron lighting and shading solutions but beyond that, we install lighting systems regularly so there is never a situation we haven’t encountered before.

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