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Building Systems

Designed to help you compete

For our Atlanta residential and commercial developers and builder partners, Synergy Multimedia offers a multi-tiered solution to enhance your competitive advantage in this turbulent housing environment.

We offer the broadest level of building security, amenity AV systems, DirecTV satellite distribution plants, technology wiring and equipment upgrades.  Our pedigree of successful implementations in Atlanta’s premier developments over the last 13 years proves we have the experience to work effectively in all types of residential environments, from luxury single family homes to 35+ story high-rise residential and mixed-use properties.  But what good are appealing upgrades without getting the word out in the crowded marketplace that you are indeed offering the best of the best at your property?  Simply put, our marketing materials are the best in the business and coupled with our dedicated developer partner sales staff, we offer an all-encompassing approach to satisfying the residents of Atlanta residential and commercial developers.  By working with Synergy to offer the upgrades your residents want, you will sell more units at higher prices.  And because we have tons of experience working in the hardhat environment, we will never hold your schedule up.

Check out our impressive portfolio of multi-family and mixed-use projects, including work with tlanta residential and commercial developers and builder partners.

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