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For over 15 years, we have been working with businesses, schools, and developers to provide solutions for every individual building requirement.  Whether it’s to raise productivity for employees or to make a condo building more marketable, we have the experience to put your investment to work.

Residential Developers

Developing property is tough work in this competitive environment.  You need for your dollars to create value for your investment and we understand that.  Since we have so much experience over the years working on similar projects, we can make recommendations that will maximize your investment, enabling you to sell more units faster and for a higher price.  We know you may not want to provide a full home automation system as part of your base package, but just about every forward-thinking builder or developer wants to provide their buyers with the ability to customize their home to become a “smart home”.  What we bring to the table with our extensive experience is the ability to guide you to provide sufficient wiring so you can be uber-competitive in the marketplace, but allows your technologically-inclined buyers to scale all the way up to a fully automated home.  Hint: sticking a Nest thermostat on the wall is NOT enough, but it’s hard to strike the right balance between not wasting investment dollars on your buyers who don’t want or don’t care for home automation and providing the right infrastructure for those that do.  That’s the guidance we provide as part of our Developer Services.

Business Services

Productivity and collaboration, two aspects of 21st century business you always need more of, are something we think about daily.  Together with our vendor partner Crestron, we are constantly working to sort through the multitude of products purporting to increase these important drivers of your bottom line.  From huddle rooms with inexpensive video conferencing solutions such as Skype for Business or Zoom, to large auditoriums requiring state of the art large screen video and powerful audio, we have the tools and expertise to get it done right.  Check out more of our solutions by clicking on the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Commercial AV and Security Solutions

There are so many systems out there for the modern building:  Building Automation, Digital Signage and Video Walls, Video Surveillance, Conference Rooms, Amenity Audio/Video.  Synergy Multimedia is your one-stop solution provider for all of these systems so you have one point of contact for the entire process.  We have extensive experience in large, complex environments, so no project is too large, but we are proud to offer customized system designs at all sizes.  The common thread between all of our system designs is value.  We make sure we stay current on all of the latest technology and test it to make sure it works as advertised before we recommend it to you.

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